Lemongrass Thai and Sushi

Jennie Sardinas

Business Owner

Who We Are

We are a new business that just opened on Friday, August 7, 2015. While our restaurant hasn’t been here very long, our chefs and I have years of experience in this field. I have opened three restaurants (this is my fourth) and have over 10 years experience with Asian restaurants. I have done everything from the kitchen to the front. Our Thai chefs (family) have over 10 years experience cooking Thai food in restaurants. Our sushi chef has almost 20 years experience cooking sushi, and our hibachi chef has been cooking hibachi for almost 15 years. One taste and you will immediately notice the wealth of experience we have.

It has always been my dream to one day own my own restaurant. I love to cook, and I love to make people happy. Since I’ve moved to Columbus, nearly all of my friends are actually customers of mine that I’ve grown to know and love. I am a mother of one beautiful daughter(soon to be two), Linda Sunisa Sardinas, and have lived in Columbus, GA (where I met my husband) for over five years now. We are Christians, and we thank God for all of his blessings in helping us to get this restaurant open and for all of the wonderful customers He has sent our way.



We promise our customers a real Thai experience by sharing our tasty and authentic family recipes with anyone who walks through our doors. We use the freshest ingredients and sushi to bring you the best cuisines in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Lemongrass Thai and Sushi